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Why Do I Have Neck Pain? 3 Common Causes For People In Edina

Have you woken up with a stiff and painful neck accompanied by an agonizing headache?

Are you always resorting to painkillers to ease your neck pain because that’s the only advice you got from your latest doctor’s visit?

Is it ruining your performance at work, stopping you from exercising, and wrecking your social life?

If this sounds like you, you’re probably confused, feeling lost, and wondering whether neck pain is something that you’ll have to put up with for the rest of your life…

But this blog has been written to give you some answers as to why you’re suffering from neck pain and shares a way you can learn about 7 natural ways to stop neck and shoulder pain.

3 Common Causes Of Neck Pain For People In Edina, MN

While everyone is different, and their neck pain is unique, there are some common reasons that people in Edina visit our clinic desperately searching for neck pain relief.

Bad Posture

Poor posture can lead to neck pain if you find yourself spending a lot of time behind a desk, reading, or scrolling on your smartphone.

A common mistake is to have devices or your book below your normal eye level, which means you have to look down.

This naturally makes your shoulders, back, and neck arch downwards in a hunched position, and over time, this can create excessive strain and pressure on your neck and shoulder muscles.

If you do like to read a lot, work at a computer often, or love social media on your smartphone, then try your best to set up your environment well.

Getting your device or book at eye level, so you are looking forward, rather than down is a great start.

Also, consider moving frequently – moving your neck from side to side, and up and down so your neck isn’t locked in a fixed position for too long.

These two small changes can make a big difference!

Carrying Heavy Bags And Backpacks

If you carry a handbag, gym bag, or backpack, consider how much it actually weighs and recognize that this can contribute to neck pain.

Often, people carry their back on one side of their body (even using backpacks with just one strap), and over time, this can create imbalances, tightness, and overworking of certain muscles.

Remember that if you carry a heavy bag on one arm, your body has to compensate to keep you stable.

To avoid this, use both straps if it’s a backpack, and alternate holding your bag on each side if it’s a handbag or gym bag.

This will help reduce the problem and can help avoid neck and shoulder pain flaring up.

Poor Sleeping Position Causing Neck Pain

You should be spending a third of your day sleeping, so if you have a poor sleeping position this can quickly lead to pain in the body.

The neck often suffers the most from poor sleeping positions, so fix this and notice the difference.

In nearly all cases, the worst sleeping position is on your stomach.

Often in this position, you will need to sleep with your neck to one side, and this can very easily cause that stiffness and pain you experience when waking up.

Instead, try to find a comfortable sleeping position on your side or your back.

Another quick tip for reducing neck pain when sleeping is to make sure you are using too many pillows.

You want your neck to be in a natural position, and too many pillows can force your neck forward and leave you prone to neck pain.

7 Ways To End Your Neck Pain Fast And Without Pills

Founder, and expert physical therapist, Keith Sullivan, has written a Free Neck Pain Report to help people in Edina avoid pills, injections, and surgery and return to an active lifestyle without neck pain!

In this report, Keith shares 7 of the most powerful ways to end neck pain fast, and without pills.

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If you also suffer from migraine headaches, there is a bonus section that shares 7 strategies to stop migraine headaches – another common problem neck pain sufferers usually face.

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