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Find Out More About Our Exclusive Workshops...

We realize that some people can be a little “unsure”, nervous and even skeptical about what can be done to help ease their back, knee, or neck pain…

Maybe you think that Physical Therapy isn’t right for you and you’re worried if it will actually work for what you’ve got. It could be that a previous bad experience has put doubt in your mind and you don’t want to make the same mistake again, or maybe you just want to get a solid second opinion about what to do for the best....

If any of that sounds like you, then you can be confident in knowing that these educational classes are perfect for someone like you. Here’s who will benefit:

  • Your back frequently “gives out”, or your knees “give way”
  • The doctor has told you that “nothing can be done” and you should just “take painkillers” and “rest”
  • Leaning or bending forward is the only way you can get relief from back pain
  • You suffer back pain when you’ve been sitting or standing for longer than 10 minutes
  • All of those painkillers don’t seem to make any difference
  • When you sit or stand up you suffer with severe leg pain
  • You rely on others to help you get around
  • You get neck pain when you turn your head to look over your shoulder, or shoulder pain when you reach above your head
  • You suffer from migraines and headaches repeatedly
  • Each time you walk up and down the stairs you feel pain in your knee which makes it hard to go about your day
  • You’re not happy with what your doctor has advised you so far and you want to finally find out what can be done
  • You’re afraid that your quality of life will be affected by your back, knee or neck pain if you don’t do something about it soon
  • You’ve had surgery but the recovery you were hoping for never arrived

Here's What You Can Expect From One Of Our Educational Workshops...

  • The 4 most common causes of back, knee and neck pain
  • You’ll be in a room full of like-minded people who, just like you, want to find out exactly what can be done to help their back, knee or neck pain
  • The biggest mistake that most people make when suffering with back, knee or neck pain
  • You’ll have a chance to tell us all about you, your main concerns and what you want to know answers to
  • How you can make the best decision about choosing the right treatment for you
  • Why you’ve been suffering with this pain for so long, and what to do to stop it from getting worse
  • What brought on your back, knee or neck pain in the first place, and actionable advice for what you can do about it
  • What successful treatment and long-lasting relief looks like, without any side-effects, medication or surgery
  • We’ll also provide you with plenty of refreshments (that means plenty of snacks and beverages!)

If you’d like to attend our next Workshop, please click the button below and fill out the short form so we can give you the time and date of our next Workshop, and make sure your seat is saved for it. Please also tell us what type of event you would like to attend based on the source of your pain:

These events are 100% free for you to attend. If you have a friend or loved one who is suffering and needs some help, you can bring them along too. We’ll help give you clarity and get you moving forward by helping you make a better, more informed decision about what to do, for the best.