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About BodyWorks Physical Therapy

BodyWorks Physical Therapy clinic is based on an integrated, holistic treatment philosophy, with a total-body architectural approach. Because dysfunction in one area of the body can cause pain in another, we believe in treating the whole body to find the origin of the pain.

Above all, we all deserve a life free from painkillers. A life where doctor appointments are not on your to do list every week. Lives where you enjoy all of the things you love, without the fear of pain holding you back...

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About Keith J. Sullivan

Owner and Physical Therapist

Keith earned a Bachelor of Arts degree is Psychology from St Cloud State University, Minnesota in 1986, then went on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse in 1988. Keith has served as the Lead Clinical Specialist at Fairview Southdale Hospitals Spine Care Center, worked at the Institute for Athletic Medicine in Edina, and has owned and operated BodyWorks Physical Therapy since 1998. He is actively involved in Karate and Scouting...

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Early 50's, Richfield

I always felt twisted up for years and then the accident made it even worse. I finally feel for the first time that things are kind of falling into where they should be again.



Early 50's, Apple Valley

Over time I started to notice I was standing longer. And the other day I was brushing my teeth and I realized I had been standing there 5, 10 minutes and I felt nothing!



Early 60's, Brooklyn Park

The myofascial release part really worked well for me because they could get really deep into the scar tissue and the muscles that were really bothering my right shoulder.

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